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A second take on Avatar

April 27, 2010 1 comment

So I went to Avatar whenever the hell it came out. And I watched it and thought it was alright, not that visually stunning cause the 3D gave me a headache. I thought the story was good and enjoyable, much like Titanic is.

So I bought it at the weekend on Blu-Ray because it was on special offer. And I have to say, it was far more enjoyable mainly because it was easier to watch. If the 3-D version of the film was, to quote some eejit, “how James Cameron wanted me to see it” then poor Mr Cameron needs laser eye surgery. Or a seeing eye dog at the very least. Once again, this has reaffirmed my belief that 3-D is in fact a load of nonsense

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3-D! It’s almost like you can reach out and TOUCH the headache…

March 7, 2010 1 comment

So I went to see my second 3-D film last night, Alice in Wonderland, the first being Avatar). Now, when I came out of Avatar I had quite a bad headache and really didn’t think much of the 3-D effects. If anything I found them annoying, distracting and they really didn’t add a whole lot to the film. However, I was quite tired when I went to see it and put it down to pure tiredness. So I gave 3-D the benefit of the doubt and gave it another shot last night. Same result. It added absolutely feck all to the film, except when the March Hare is throwing cups around. I came out with a headache again and felt quite disorientated. It’s a fad. A nonsense, pointless technology that should have stayed in the 70’s.

The disorientation was also fueled by the general oddness of the film. It was very weird. Overall, it was good. But just good. Helena Bonham Carter was class. But that was all really

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