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Fianna FAIL is definitely the term. The really have made a mess of the country and I’m not just talking about recently – the comedic, farcical three ring circus that they have put on display over the last number of days speaks for itself and what they say is true. Ireland really is the laughing stock of the rest of the world. It’s embarrassing and shameful.

But no, it’s not just recently. They have been kowtowing to the whim of the Church for the majority of the last 80 years and as a result, it has taken years for Ireland to socially catch up with the rest of the Western World. Following this most recent display of failure, I can safely say I will never vote Fianna Fail for the rest of my life.

If was at home to vote (as Ireland does not operate postal voting outside the country due to more Irish living outside of it than in it) I would safely say I would vote for Labour purely because they are the only ones who 100% support the introduction of gay marriage. I have no plans to get married any time soon, but to have the option of getting married in my own country would be nice. I don’t really care what their other policies are, least of all their plan to fix the economy. All of the parties economic plans are irrelevant – Germany will be dictating those.

So. Please vote Labour so I can get married some day. Tanx luvs

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Things about London

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Some things I’ve noticed about London since moving here and been home a few times:

  • It’s a very busy city, especially at the weekend. There is always people everywhere all the time. No one seems to want to stay at home. Having said that, I did notice a bit of a lull in January
  • There is always something to do
  • Clubbing is a very different experience than in Dublin. Pubs and disco bars are more the scene as I find them more accessible. Or maybe I’m just getting old.
  • Bar staff are generally shite but of course, there are exceptions.
  • Drink is a lot cheaper but general living is much the same. Accommodation is of course extortionately more expensive
  • The health care system is fantastic
  • The transport infrastructure is generally fantastic, not only in London but the country as a whole
  • London is very ethnically mixed, to point where Dublin is extremely white in comparison
  • People are always in a rush and run every where and it’s a very on demand culture. If anyones ever played any of the PS2 generation of GTA games, it’s a bit like the pedestrians sprinting off for no reason
  • People are generally a bit less friendly
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Scott Pilgrim rocked my socks!

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I didn’t get to see it over the summer so I got it on Blu-Ray recently. AWESOME! Here’s a fabby scene I enjoyed:

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A joke

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Well I thought this was quite funny. A wife turns to her husband and suggestively says “You know, a bull can make love almost 1000 times a month”. To which the husband replies “Yeah, but is it the same cow he’s fucking every time?”

Qudos to Subash at work for that one. I lol’d lots

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Back to blogging

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Yeeaaaah. We’ll give it another go. Again. Here’s some comedy gold from Ancient Egypt:

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Em. What?

I’m sure most of you have heard of the tragic infanticide in France of the 8 babies. I was just reading about it there on Sky News which had the following to say about the womans husband:

“Her husband, a carpenter in his 40s, has been freed because there was not enough evidence to charge him. He denied knowing about the babies being born or killed”

I’m sorry, what? Is he blind? Did he not see she was pregnant? Or did he he just assume she got really fat and really thin really quickly…8 times?

Also one neighbor had this to say:

“These are attractive, helpful, polite and courteous people, who did nothing to make you think them capable of anything abnormal”

Ah yes. The first thing we think about when we hear about our murderous neighbors is how attractive they are

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Fanny dreams

I’ve been learning quite a lot during my training here in London. Possibly the coolest thing I’ve learned so far – opening a fan (like those Spanish ones) with one hand. It’s cooler than smoking with Tom Cruise while wearing sunglasses.

Speaking of dreams, I went to see Inception. I think I enjoyed it. As Sandy in work said “Bit of a mind fuck”. It definitely has one of the coolest and most original actions sequences I’ve seen since this(at least the first minute of it).

Something I miss from home (apart from people obviously!!…*cough*) is Eddie Rockets. I did see one very similar though! I think it was called Rockets or something.

I bought a comic at the weekend called Red Son. Basically, it’s a what-if scenario about Superman, landing in Soviet Russia instead of USA. Instead of Truth and Justice for All, he is “…the Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact”. Isn’t his costume cool?! Also stars Batmanakov

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