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Movie Mistakes

I was watching a program on movie mistakes. Like when something is a certain color in one scene and different in the next. The best one I got a lol out of went like this:

“A huge mistake here in this James Bond clip. Let’s see if you spot it”
“Catch that? Let’s rewind and take another look”
“Yes, you got it in one! It was of course casting George Lazenby as James Bond”


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Quote of the Week

“I’m also in to cats” – A misheard lyric from the band “Fallout Boy”

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Quote of the Week

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Let’s try a quote of the week segment. A lot of funny/unusual things get said in my life. Especially when taken out of context.

“The Koreans had them exactly where they wanted them” – said by my brother while watching the men’s 1500m short track speed skating in the Winter Olympics

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