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Costa vs Starbucks

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Any coffee drinkers? I mean like, serious coffee drinkers. It’s a massive business here in London, with four major companies battling it out for coffee supremacy: Costa, Starbucks, Pret a Manger and Nero.

They serve Costa in HSBC. I find it disgusting. But thankfully, there’s a (actually, there’s 2) Starbucks at the bottom of the building so I can have my fill of that. Maybe it’s because DCU brought me up on it and I can’t deal with other coffee.

Have found myself drinking about 1 liter a day since starting with HSBC. Dangerous levels.

Not as dangerous as this insanity drink

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Fanny dreams

I’ve been learning quite a lot during my training here in London. Possibly the coolest thing I’ve learned so far – opening a fan (like those Spanish ones) with one hand. It’s cooler than smoking with Tom Cruise while wearing sunglasses.

Speaking of dreams, I went to see Inception. I think I enjoyed it. As Sandy in work said “Bit of a mind fuck”. It definitely has one of the coolest and most original actions sequences I’ve seen since this(at least the first minute of it).

Something I miss from home (apart from people obviously!!…*cough*) is Eddie Rockets. I did see one very similar though! I think it was called Rockets or something.

I bought a comic at the weekend called Red Son. Basically, it’s a what-if scenario about Superman, landing in Soviet Russia instead of USA. Instead of Truth and Justice for All, he is “…the Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin, socialism, and the international expansion of the Warsaw Pact”. Isn’t his costume cool?! Also stars Batmanakov

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A man of brilliance

There are some amazing people in this world.

And then there’s Duncan Banatyne. Dare I say, a man as great as Richard O’ Kennedy? Quite possibly.

I do apologise for my lack of posts, I’ve been busy away in London. I WILL come up with something funny soon though. Or informative. OR both.

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A tale of two showers

Yes! At last! I have moved to London! It is hot and it is fantastic and I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two days! Hopefully I will equally enjoy the next two years 🙂

I am currently staying with the AMAZING Sarah Tallon, who is very kindly putting me up for two days. Sarahs house and everyone in it is very nice. Sarahs bathroom is HUGE! Sarahs shower is weird. Within the shower cubicle, there are two shower devices. So for either for two people if you were comfortable doing that. Or for someone who wants to be showered really quickly. All in all, I’ve never seen the like. Makes for good conversation.

More on London later

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