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Glory holes

The man makes some valid points

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Cleavland is not Detroit – embedding is disabled but it’s worth a gander. It reminds me of a line someone said about a candidate in last years SU election

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A long-ish goodbye

I’ve only a few weeks left in my job in the SU. Here is what I wrote in CAMPUS for the final issue:

Approximately 1,625 days ago (give or take), I walked in to Dublin City University to attempt to do a computer course (which I’m still attempting to do). Never in that wild imagination of mine did I ever even dream that I would be sitting down almost 5 years later trying to sum up my entire DCU experience, especially as Deputy President of the Students’ Union.

The entire year has been without a doubt the most challenging, demanding, stressful, fun, exiting and rewarding year of my life. It’s go- ing to be incredibly difficult to sum up the entire year in just 400 odd words, but I shall do my best.

Looking back on the blur that was the year, some of the highlights would definitely have to include Orientation week, Please Talk week, Raise and Give week and definitely working with the entire team on the exec. Orientation week was such a breath of fresh air after having gone through the entire summer without anyone around and then BAM! It hits you like a train. But in a good way, not the bad way. Having all the students back is such a great feeling and it’s fantastic to see all the work we did over the summer finally pay off. I absolutely loved Please Talk week, because we took the great success that was done in previous years and really built on it and made it only fantastic. Raise and Give was a week of madness, and I loved getting dunked (again), the ball and Strictly Come Dancing (again). The best thing about the year though was definitely working with the guys on exec. You guys have made the entire year and given your all and I am really proud of every one of you. Sitting on the 19 committees that I sit on wasn’t always the most stimulating part of the job, but everyone on each of those committees made me feel very welcome and I really felt like my opinion was valued. So for making that aspect of the job a little bit easier, I am very grateful. Certainly the most rewarding (and often most difficult) part of the job is helping individual students with whatever issue that they may have and having them leave my office feeling better about what the issue might be. I don’t want to go in to the negatives of the job so I’m not going to. There were some, but you learn to deal with them and move on.

Ok, I need to start wrapping this up, so just some thank you-s. My parents, for supporting me from the election last year right up until now. All the staff in the Union – ye are cracked. David, Cian, Shane, Foxy, Diarmuid and Jim, for putting up with me (although I’ll thank myself for putting up with Cian). You, the students of DCU for giving me this op- portunity – I hope I have done you all some justice. Finally, Alan and Melanie – for also putting up with me (especially Alan) and becoming two fantastic friends.

All that’s left to say is – this was me. Has anyone seen my duvet?

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5 People living, dead or fictitious I would like to have dinner with

May 11, 2010 3 comments

1. Barack Obama – A given if you know me at all. Auld bazza. Bet he’d be great for a dinner chat.
2. George Takei – Imagine him asking for the spuds “Back in my day, we didn’t have spuds, mainly because I come from Japan”. Also he’s gay so he gets bonus points for that.
3. Duncan Banatyne – “I like a man that makes a good dinner”
4. Oliver Cromwell – So I could ask him “Were you actually that much of a fucking cunt?”
5. Gaius Baltar – From Battlestar Galactica. Smarmy fucker

Who would YOU want to have dinner with, alive or dead or fictional? Comment your answers, I’d love to hear them!

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Gay people have to eat too

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Things I never imagined myself saying

“Yeah, the whole Nazi theme is fantastic!”

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